We are Nope.

We are an independent digital design studio offering wide range of services such as digital design, photography and consultancy. Currently available for meetings between Lisbon, Portugal & Riga, Latvia. Or anywhere online.

Nope was founded in 2017 by Toms Rits, a designer from Riga, Latvia. This has been a long process of managing full-time in house positions and freelance works until finally leaning all the way in the business of Nope. Nope is a network of professionals covering a wide spectrum. We have designers, photographers, videographers, developers and project managers handling projects of different scale.

Whatever we do, we aim to find the best possible answer to three questions. How can we satisfy actual user needs? How can we, as a company, create the most value? And, most importantly, what can we do to really push a business or team forward?

It’s this desire to see people and projects grow, that truly drives Nope.


User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Art Direction

Brand Design

iOS & Android App Design

Visual Identity Systems

Design Consultancy

Interior & Architecture Photography


2017 / Best Design / Garage24, Tallinn




The Sound Poets